How to Marie Kondo Your Home

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How to Marie Kondo Your Home

Since her Netflix show 'Tidying Up' went viral in the New Year, Marie Kondo's genius method of organising your life has gone global. Taking clearing up to the next level, the Japanese guru has not only become a household name but a term in herself as we all start 'Marie Kondo-ing' our homes.

With spring cleaning in full swing, de-cluttering and welcoming a new season has become a ritual that even the tidy-phobic relish in, thanks to Kondo's technique of discarding anything that doesn't 'spark joy'. With categories ranging from clothing and books to documents and “Komono,” (miscellaneous), the fool-proof method can free up staggering amounts of space, leading to a calmer, more organised life. Amen to that!

Keeping this principle in mind, Westfield London's Home Quarter is packed full of Kondo-approved pieces that combine both style and functionality. Think clean lines, discreet storage and contemporary concepts to get your home spick-and-span for spring.


“Think in concrete terms so that you can vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter-free space,” Kondo writes in her bestselling book Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Start small by tackling your home room by room, envisioning what it would look like organised and streamlined to give your goal direction

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The fundamental thread that runs through Kondo's method is that homes should only contain items that bring joy. She advises holding or touching everything in the room and then assess how it makes us feel before tossing it in the trash.

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While stowing away winter coats and scarfs in warmer climes seems like a good idea in theory, Kondo believes that once these items are out of sight, they’re also out of mind and you will end up forgetting about them. Instead, she suggests curating a capsule wardrobe for each season to get maximum use out of every piece.

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Your bedroom is a place to unplug and recharge, so getting the décor right is the difference between a good night's sleep and a great one. Create your own wellness destination with soft lighting, natural candles and comfortable textures that provoke the feeling of relaxation.


Wash your sheets and pillowcases frequently, Kondo urges.

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Now, down to the nitty gritty. The saying 'a place for everything, everything in its place' has never held more weight than in the Kondo method. Reserve wardrobe top shelves for bags, hats, off-season clothes, and sentimental items, and hang the clothes you need on a daily basis. If you have too many (a lovely problem to have, let's be honest!), fold and file them vertically in a set of drawers. Organise these from light to heavy, with shirts in the top drawers and bottoms lower down.

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Yep, you can even get tidying up wrong if it's in the incorrect order. Kondo recommends starting with clothing, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and then mementos, or anything nostalgic. “Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left only with the amount that fits perfectly in the space you currently own,” Kondo says in Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


If you're struggling to part with some beloved items (we know, that spare DVD player may come in handy one day), opt for homeware additions with hidden storage to keep belongings out of view but still bring a stylish element to the room.

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