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Home & Lifestyle 26 October, 2020

How To Feng Shui Your Home For A Calming Space

This year may have thrown up frustrations and disappointments aplenty, but if there's one thing that is in our control, it's how we feel. With so many of us staying in, working from home and getting reacquainted with our sofa, making our surroundings as calm and soothing as possible can make the world of difference to our mood. In fact, scientists have found that creating the right habitat for our home can directly affect our mental health. And if there's one philosophy that harnesses harmony, it's feng shui.

An ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to find balance between elements, feng shui has been hailed by wellness masters and celebs alike (we're looking at your Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna). The ethos outlines that by inviting a balance of energy, (or chi as it's authentically known), via scientific furniture calculations and colour schemes, we are inviting more positivity into our homes and, by extension, our lives. Who can argue with that?

To mark the start of a fresh season, we at Westfield London's Home Quarter have everything you need to introduce feng shui into your space and help you feel a little more balanced in trying times. Not sure where to stat? We've outline a few Chinese interior principles to bring all of the positive vibes into your interiors.


No, we don't mean you should start bossing everyone around! In feng shui, the positions of your furniture are what control the flow of energy in a room. To receive the optimum amount, place the main piece of furniture in a room, such as a bed, desk or sofa where you can see the door without being in a direct line with it or having your back to the entrance. This will help you take charge of your life and feel secure in your space.

OSAKA, BoConcept

OSAKA, £2,645 BoConcept

Hoxton Cuddler Sofa, DFS

Hoxton Cuddler Sofa, £749 DFS

Harrington Ottoman King Size, Tempur

Harrington Ottoman, King Size, £1,385 Tempur



To encourage spiritual growth and expansion, introduce some vertical shapes to your room. Create a feeling of height with some floor to ceiling book shelves, a tall plant or even a decorative ladder against a wall.

Ladder Shelving, West Elm

Ladder Shelving, £199 West Elm

Bamboo Ladder, £43 Raft



Feng shui principles are grounded on the concept that the world is divided into 5 elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Balancing these elements in a space is key to make sure it is a harmonious home and each element encompasses a different mood. Keeping to the below colour scheme ensures there is an ideal equilibrium – in short, it creates a calming space that even the most stressed will feel relaxed in.

Water: blue, black
Wood: green, brown
Fire: red, strong yellow, orange, purple and pink
Earth: light yellow, sand/earthy, light brown
Metal: white, grey

Solid Shapes 02 Print by Nina Bruun, Heal's

Solid Shapes 02 Print by Nina Bruun, £45 Heal's

Solid Colour Cushion Cover, H&M

Solid Colour Cushion Cover, £12.99 H&M Home



Referring back to our Marie Kondo rulebook here, removing all clutter is a surefire way to increase the energy in your home. In feng shui, clutter is believed to take up valuable space that stops incoming energy from flowing – especially in and around entryways. Give everything a place with clever storage solutions, but first – have a good old clear out of everything that is no longer serving you.

Hogan Blue Seagrass Basket with Lid, Habitat

Hogan Blue Seagrass Basket with Lid, £50 Habitat

The Oak And Rope Company Personalised Wellie Boot Holder, John Lewis & Partners

The Oak and Rope Company Personalised Wellie Boot Holder, £340 John Lewis and Partners

Medium Glass Storage Box The White Company

Medium Glass Storage Box, £14 The White Company



If there was ever a time to bring a little of the outside, in, it's now. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, they also clean the air inside our home and, in feng shui they embody life and vitality as they fall under the earth category. For extra brownie points, opt for hedgehog aloe, ficus or a money tree for prosperity.


Saraya Natural Woven Plant Stand, Habitat

Saraya Natural Woven Plant Stand, £30 Habitat



Getting acquainted with your green thumb could have big benefits for your mood and wellbeing as the Chinese philosophy states that while the front garden represents your future so should always be well kept, the back garden represents both health and wealth so boundaries/fences and wall must always be well maintained to provide the best support to the occupants.

Burgon & Ball Oak Leaf Print Gardening Gloves, John Lewis & Partners

Burgon & Ball Oak Leaf Print Gardening Gloves, £14.99 John Lewis and Partners

Weaver Green Iris Recycled Plastic Indoor & Outdoor Rug, John Lewis & Partners

Weaver Green Iris Recycled Plastic Indoor & Outdoor Rug, £138 John Lewis and Partners