Jessica Harris | March 2024

Grey may have reigned supreme within interior design for the last few years but there's a new earthy tone in town that's claiming its place in warm décor – brown. It's been slowly gathering momentum over the last year with 2024 promising to see it break-through the mainstream. From mocha and chocolate to stone and coffee, every variation provides a warm and earthy depth to your home. 

Softer than black and more interesting that beige, brown is a multifaceted shade that fits perfectly within any season or décor style. At Westfield London we have a plethora of brown-hued accessories to add an rustic, earthy feel to your space and dip your toe into this trending tone.

Use sparingly
Although a warmer option to dark tones, brown can still make a room look more solemn if over-used. Stick to accents such as throws, cushions and rugs before adding in larger items such as furniture wall colours. 

Wool-blend blanket, £49.99 H&M
Cotton Storage Basket, £22.99 H&M
Landscape Stream Rug Brown by Rezas, £1499 Heals


 Pair with caution
Using brown in conjunction with lighter shades such as cream, beige and taupe is a perfect combination to warm up a space. For a more impactful end result pattern mocha shades with moss or olive green, deep yellow and soft greys combined with darker wood tones and watch it all come together. For an additional earthy feel look for accessories in natural materials such as stone, wood, linen and metal. 

Gold Wooden Wall Mirror, £85.99 Zara Home
Lydford Table Lamp, £65 Next
Curtain | Retractile Jute Blind, £129 Zara Home


Mix up fabrics
Incorporating different fabrics in brown can add a contemporary twist to a room instantly. A deep brown velvet cushion combined with a khaki linen throw pillow provides a more inviting feel whereas a printed throw in chocolate tones adds interest to the space.

Pure Cotton Velvet Cushion, £19.50 Marks & Spencer
Simplicité No.1 Poster, £25.99 H&M
Mid-Century Upholstered Dining Chair, £359 West Elm 


Add wall décor

It's easy to get carried away with a trend but unless you live in a large house where ceilings are high and rooms are vast, it's best to avoid painting the walls brown. What you can do, however, is add in brown elements through wood such as teak panelling or an accent wall with brown print wallpaper. Just make sure you steer clear of retro or busy prints which won't age well.


Think about the furniture

Another great way of adding both texture and tone into a room is wooden furniture. Whether this is an elm coffee table or a stained side table, it brings in another shade of brown that can be complimentary to lighter hues. It also provides a focal point to a room as a larger piece and can set the tone for the whole room adding warmth and interest. 

Habitat Moore Leather 4 Seater Sofa, £1100 Habitat
Tamara Coffee Table £715 Raft Furniture