Passyunk Avenue

How To Eat, Drink and Play Your Way Across America

Food & Drink

For obvious reasons, 4 July is not circled on most calendars in the UK, but it’s a great excuse to get together with friends and enjoy some of the best food and fun our Trans-Atlantic cousins have to offer. Lucky for you, our centres are to some fantastic American and American-inspired joints.


Home Run House

We start our American odyssey in Philadelphia. Not content with being the home of Rocky and “The Birthplace of Freedom,” Philly is also famous for the cheesesteak. Debate rages in The City of Brotherly Love over whether Pat’s or Gino’s is better, but they both run second to Passyunk Avenue (Westfield Stratford City) when it comes to the iconic hot, cheesy sandwich.

And if you’re not sure whether you ‘re hungry enough for a whole footlong sub, then work up an appetite at Home Run House (Westfield Stratford City) first and wash it down with an ice-cold beer in the MLB-themed bar after. Their batting cages are perfect for anyone big enough to swing a bat whether you know Mickey Mantle from Mickey Mouse or not.


The Big Easy

Big Easy (Westfield Stratford City) take their name from New Orleans – the home of jazz. And while there are some who claim that jazz is the only true American art form, those who know know that slow smoked BBQ is the ultimate form of American expressionism.

But there’s more than just amazing ribs, beef that falls off the bone and succulent chicken to this laid-back, down-home joint – they also have fresh lobster and crab, and a cocktail list that’ll leave you in no doubt as to why everyone loves to party on Bourbon Street.



Also hailing from The Pelican State is Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. A far cry from spinach and olive oil, Popeye’s is all about their famous fried chicken and biscuits. Known across the 50 states, their first UK restaurant opened at Westfield Stratford City earlier this year.


All Star lanes

If baseball isn’t your speed, then why not try your hand at bowling? All Star Lanes (both centres) has a variety of fantastic packages for friends and families, and an American inspired menu that’ll have you drooling like one the USA's most famous bowlers – Homer Simpson.


HOni Poke

Burgers the size of the Empire State Building not to your taste? Then why not taste the fresh delights of the only US state that still features the Union Jack – Hawaii! With fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood, one bite of a poke bowl from Honi Poke (Westfield Stratford City) and you’ll be able to feel the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your skin.