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Home & Lifestyle 3 September, 2021

7 Ways To Bring Your Holiday Home

It's been a long time coming and we've yearned for the sand between our toes and the sun on our face. Holiday season is well and truly underway and we've never needed it more. But there's no reason why the getaway feels have to end when your suncream does, you can bring the vibrancy of the Med or the cosiness of the Cotswolds home with a few interior updates.

If there's no room left in your suitcase to bring some keepsake trinkets home, you can easily recreate the look at home thanks to Westfield London's Home Quarter. Offering a selection of vacation-inspired prints, accessories and textures, there's plenty of options to keep the holiday going.


Whether it's the royal blue's of Greece, the neutral hues of Scandinavia or the earthy tones of Morocco, there's a lot of inspiration to be found in your holiday destination. From the hotel décor to the local eateries, paying attention to the colour scheme can help you to recreate the atmosphere and feel of your holiday destination. Not going abroad? There are plenty of differing colour schemes throughout the UK that can be applied to your home – think pale blues and coastal whites from Cornwall or the lush emerald greens of the Lakes for an authentic finish.

Geocentric Cushion, £99 Heal's

3 Seater Saskia Sofa, £999 DFS

Karuma Dinnerware, from £35 Heal's


You've arrived home, relaxed, inspired and set about putting what you've seen and experienced into practice around your home. But when the clouds roll in and the next season arrives, that rattan day bed looks a little out of place. Avoid any costly misfires by brining your holiday home through clever accessories that can easily be packed away or changed depending on your mood or season.

Colorado Trend Berber Rug, £40 Habitat

Terracotta Jug, £19.99 H&M Home

World Map Concrete Art, £699 BoConcept


The palm trees come into view, the scent of lotus flowers fill your senses and you know the holiday has started. While some foreign foliage may not be accustomed to our changeable weather, there are plenty of tropical greens you can introduce into your home or garden that can make you feel as though you're back in warmer climes. All you need is a Pina Colada and you could be on the Costa Del Sol.

Iris Planter & Chevron Stand, from £136 West Elm

The Little Botanical Succulent Plant Gang, £35 John Lewis & Partners


Nothing says holiday quite like relaxing in a tranquil spa after a long day sunbathing. Although we may not be able to promise the latter, you can give your bathroom a luxury refresh to create your own calming oasis. Think natural materials, heady scented oils, a rain shower or aesthetically pleasing storage for your own escape from the daily grind.

Teak Root Pot, £47 Raft

Jute Laundry Basket, £24.99 H&M Home

Wooden Bath Tidy, £60 The White Company


Hands up who sleeps better on holiday – we thought as much. Sliding into a high thread count can do wonders for a good night's kip and it's the little details that can make all the difference. So why not pretend you're lying in the crisp, soft sheets of a hotel in Paris rather than your own bed?

Crisp & Fresh Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count Standard Pillowcase, from £35 John Lewis & Partners

Tempur-Fit Fitted Sheet, from £65 Tempur