Home & Lifestyle | 5 November, 2021

5 Ways To Create A Cosy Home


It's that time of year again. The nights are pulling in, the light is hazy and there's a distinct smell of smoke, leaves and spiced apple in the air. Autumn is upon us and it's time to hunker down and get cosy for the new season ahead. Although many of us mourn the warm, sunny days of summer, autumn can bring its own wonderful array of characteristics that provide the perfect excuse to stay in, recharge and keep warm.

It's also a great opportunity to give your home a little seasonal revamp to make those short days and long nights all the more cosy. Luckily, at Westfield London's Home Quarter we have you covered – from snuggly blankets to atmospheric lighting. We have everything you need to take your space into the new season.


Smells can influence our psychological and physiological states, making scent in the home paramount to how you feel. Lavender, jasmine and vanilla are just some of the fragrances that evoke relaxation in the brain making them common undertones in candles and diffusers for our interiors. For extra cosy feels, introduce more seasonal scents into your space such as amber, musk and cinnamon for a warm and inviting aroma.

Winter Signature Candle from The White Company

Winter Signature Candle - £20
The White Company

Rituals Private Collection Sweet Jasmine Fragrance Sticks from John Lewis & Partners

Rituals Private Collection Sweet Jasmine Fragrance Sticks - £44.50
John Lewis & Partners


Nothing can change the atmosphere of a room quite like the right lighting. Bright, overhead strip lights may keep us alert in an office environment, but for our home we want a softer and more relaxing alternative. Enter, lamps. Whether it’s a beautiful ceramic table lamp or minimal floor lamp, it can instantly turn a redundant corner into a cosy reading nook or a dining room into a sedate space where friends can chat for hours.

Nalpur Table Lamp from Raft Furniture

Nalpur Table Lamp - £100
Raft Furniture

Tripod Floor Lamp from Habitat

Tripod Floor Lamp - £35


When you think of cosy interiors, what springs to mind? Big woollen blankets? Boucle chairs? A velvet sofa perhaps? Bringing texture into a room can easily transform it for the new season and provoke cosy comfort on those chilly autumnal nights. Think on-trend teddy bear accent chairs or simply just a cashmere cushion to add a hint of character to a room.

Margaret Chair from Natuzzi

Margaret Chair - from £5400

Keep Me Warm Blanket from Bo Concept

Keep Me Warm Blanket - £67
Bo Concept


Whether you gravitate towards bright hues or play it safe with beautiful neutrals, bringing in a few accent shades can automatically create a cosier area. Browns, greys, khaki greens and burnt oranges are all great examples of earthier tones that make us feel more grounded and enveloped in the season. While we're not suggesting you repaint your home each season, adding in a gold vase here or deep red cushion there can provide just the right impact.

Patterdale Velvet Left Hand Facing Small Chaise Sofa from DFS

Patterdale Velvet Left Hand Facing Small Chaise Sofa - £1499

Small vase from H & M

Small Vase - £6.99

Washed linen cushion cover from H & M

Washed linen cushion cover - £8.99

Spun Metal Low Standing Planter from West Elm

Spun Metal Low Standing Planter - £172
West Elm


While minimalist interior décor is certainly having a moment, it can sometimes err on the side of cold. Layering rugs can give a room a cosier feel to wooden or concrete floors without splashing out on a drastic carpet overhaul. It may feel a little intimidating at first but it's also a great way to introduce more texture and subtle prints into your space. Mix and match patterns by all means, but be careful to ensure you coordinate the colours.

Dolzago Rug Grey by Linie Design from Heal's

Dolzago Rug Grey by Linie Design - £239

Chevron Knot Jute Rug, from John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners Chevron Knot Jute Rug - £100
John Lewis & Partners