Westfield Mall of Scandinavia is constantly working on sustainability issues and already in the construction phase, Westfield Mall of Scandinavia was designed with the greatest consideration for the environment and received the classification Double Excellent in BRREAM* at the opening in 2015. Together with our colleagues in the company, Unibail Rodamco Westfield, we have a high ambition through our sustainability work which is defined in something we call "Better places 2030", which among other things involves reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. We therefore have a high ambition in the development of our electric car infrastructure and our energy use, where 99.9 percent of all energy consumed by the shopping center is renewable or recycled.

*An evaluation method as proof of environmental class



Our sustainability agenda includes lifting and strengthening the community in which we operate. Westfield Mall of Scandinavia creates together with Solna municipality a job fair that we call URW For Jobs. During the fair you can, among other things, meet companies that are looking for staff and help to write their CV, everything is created with the aim of contributing to as many young people as possible getting the best possible help in working life. During the next year, we will also support entrepreneurship on a whole new level, to promote all the driven young entrepreneurs we have! Read more here.



Westfield Mall of Scandinavia's collaboration with Friends is based on our common belief in what a meeting between people can do. We look forward to continuing to create unique and unexpected encounters between people.


In the run-up to World Diabetes Day on November 14, we at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia pay attention to and celebrate this important day by, among other things, lighting up our center in blue and inviting our followers in our SoMe to donate a gift to research.

Rädda Barnen 

We encourage our visitors to support the campaign Pippi of Today, which Astrid Lindgren AB initiated together with Rädda Barnen, which is about collecting money for girls on the run.


We at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia are proud to give more children the opportunity to talk to a counselor at Bris.


We have been pink corporate friends of the Cancer Foundation for a couple of years now.




On the roof of Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, a 1,200 square meter solar plant was installed in the spring of 2020, generating 170,000 kWh/year. The plant produces the equivalent of approximately 80 apartments' annual household electricity.


Westfield Mall of Scandinavia have 160 spots får EV charging! Charge your car smoothly and easily while you enjoy shopping, food and entertainment in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia.
To charge your car, you use your charging card from Eways or through Easypark. Order an Eways card here.

ToO good to go

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia supports Too Good To Go's work in reducing food waste. Too Good To Go helps restaurants and cafes reduce food waste, increase revenue and reach new customers by selling good food that is at risk of being thrown away. It's a win-win, read more about Too Good To Go by downloading the app in Google Play or the App Store.


Today, there are 3 beehives with approx. 180,000 bees on the roof of Westfield Mall of Scandinavia to increase the biological diversity in the local area, as the bee's role as pollinator is central to good harvests in urban farms.


As part of our sustainability strategy "Better places 2030", which includes the goal of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions throughout the value chain by 50%, we have switched from LPG to biogas in 2019. We house Stockholm's largest restaurant area, whereupon our conversion to biogas means reduced carbon dioxide emissions corresponding to approximately 35,000 single car journeys between Stockholm and Arlanda. In addition, our restaurant tenants become part of a circular cycle where society's waste can be refined and used again.


With the help of new intelligent control of both lighting and ventilation, we have saved 24% in energy consumption in the last five years. The measures are taken without compromising comfort, or the safety of our employees and visitors in the centre. In 2023, we will continue to invest in new technology, mainly in ventilation, which will provide continued savings.

We also take advantage of the surplus heat from the grocery stores' refrigerators and reuse it to heat hot water for showers and sinks in the center. Thanks to this, we save approx. 200 MWh in heating.

We are proud to have 100% green electricity - in addition to the electricity produced via our solar cells, the rest comes from wind turbines.