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At Apoteket, we make it easier for people to feel well. With extensive knowledge of medicinal products and health, we have products for your well-being. Apoteket offers medicinal products, health products and services to private individuals, companies and other organisations. We offer one of the widest ranges of over the counter and prescription medicinal products on the market. Our products are of high quality and our own brands do not contain any unnecessary additives. You will find products from the following brands here: Avene, ACO, Ipren, Alvedon, Björn Axén, Apoliva, Eucerin, Becotide, Clarityn, Vichy Capital, Cliniderm, Alindrin and others. You can also top up your first aid cabinet at home with things such as Alvedon, fever thermometer, plasters, dressings, nasal spray, wound spray, tweezers and surgical tape.

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