Tax Free

Tax Free

Tax Free shopping at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

Tax free shopping allows international shoppers to claim a refund on the VAT during their stay. All resident in countries outside EU, Norway and Åland is eligible for the service in Sweden.

You can claim up to 19 % of the value-added tax (sales tax) you have paid on your purchases in Sweden. This tax is included in the price you pay in our stores. If you spend more than 200 SEK, you are eligible to claim tax refund.

How to shop tax free

Are you a non-EU resident? Then you can save up to 19% on your purchases made here. To claim the VAT back when you bring your purchases home, just follow the simple steps below.

Get it

Shop til you drop! Most stores are affiliated with Global Blue Tax free , this gives you an immediate discount. When at the cashier for paying remember to ask the store staff for a Tax Free Form.

Early refund at Mall of Scandinavia You can claim your Global Blue tax free refund early (some special rules are applied) Visit Click&Collect in the mall.


Stamp it

When you’re leaving the country to head home or to continue your journey, make sure to get your Tax Free Form stamped either by Global Blue Refund office, agent or the customs. This must be done in the last EU country* on your journey. Be prepared to show these items for inspection:

 – Passport – Original Receipt – Tax Free Form – Purchased items in an unused condition

Cash it

Show your stamped Tax Free Form and passport at the refund point. The Global Blue staff or one of Global Blue’s partner refund agents  will refund immediately. You can either get the refund put back on your credit card, smart wallets or you can collect it in cash.

Refund points are available at Arlanda amongst other places in Sweden. Please click here to learn more!