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The four stars under Westfield Mall of Scandinavia are a quality label, which means that every nook and angle has been reviewed for those who visit Westfield Mall of Scandinavia to get a really good experience. An international standard is the foundation of the work, and there are high standards of quality and service through all the steps in the customer experience of Westfield Mall of Scandinavia.

An annual review
Westfield Mall of Scandinavia shall meet all of the 684 criteria! Among other things, it should be easy to orientate, be clean and there should be both lounges and playgrounds for the children and service-trained staff. In addition, we have a loyalty card so that you as a customer can get extra deals both in terms of service and offers in the stores. All of these criteria are reviewed annually by SGS, the world leader in certification and inspection.

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia offers a wide range of free services that contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. Examples:

• Unlimited Wi-Fi access
• Smart-park system
• Staffed reception during the center opening hours
• Interactive maps
• Personal shopper, a free service for those who have Westfield Mall of Scandinavia's loyalty card
• Wardrobe-access for loyalty members
• Bike parking indoors for loyalty members
• Lounge furniture with the ability to charge the phone or tablet

On this page you will find more information about our services.