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Georges Rousse's exhibition in blue 💙

This is how the last exhibition of the international artist Georges Rousse went on to commemorate his great source of inspiration, Henri Matisse and his collage technique, on our floor -1 🧡💙.

This summer, we were able to enjoy the artist's latest exhibition, "Barcelona 2023", an artistic installation in which form, colour and transparency built a monumental visual heptagon 🎨. To celebrate the event, several free children's workshops were held in which the children experimented with shapes and colours of different materials, using light and shadows. At the end of the workshops, the children painted on white paper, using different shades of white, and then retouched them and covered the work of Georges Rousse with these retouches 🖌️.

  • Who was Henri Matisse?

👨‍🎨 Henri Matisse was a great French artist of the 20th century, known for his use of colour, original occupation and fluidity of drawing. In 1940, Henri Matisse, after a long illness, began to paint in a different way, "Painting with tints", in his own words. It was a process in which he would colour papers with clear, intense and vibrant tones using the "collage" technique, which were then cut up and combined.