Dear Loyalty Program  member, 

We are currently working on reinventing your loyalty program to introduce an offer that better reflects who we are, you and us both! 
While we await its arrival, it is time to make room...thus, the points and cashback system will end on June 30, 2023.  

No action will be required on your part, we will take care of everything:   
- If you linked your payment method to your account to be automatically rewarded for your purchases: your bank account will be automatically disconnected from the program. Data relating to transactions made at your shopping center will no longer be transmitted to us.
- If you are uploading your receipts to collect your points: you will no longer be able to add new receipts 
- If you have provided your IBAN to receive your cashback in your bank account: this information will be deleted from our database.
Finally, do not worry: even after June 30, 2023, you will remain members of the Loyalty Program and will be able to continue enjoying exclusive offers, privileged access to our services, events, and other goodies!