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ŚwiatGSM is a Polish brand that has been growing on the consumer electronics market for 15 years. We represent the GSM industry, as well as the fashion industry, since for some time the two have been closely related. Undeniably, "beautifying" smartphones has become trendy, and we try to set the trends in this area, too. Our retail network includes more than 50 of our own retail facilities in major shopping centres throughout Poland.

Another asset of our company is our Central Repair Service, where our team of more than a dozen experienced service technicians repair smartphones, tablets and other devices. Repair services are also carried out in each ŚwiatGSM showroom. We are an independent GSM reseller, and a leader in our sector. Our selected suppliers make sure our Customers can access the latest range of products, from protective cases and glass of all kinds to smartphones from top brands and other devices. Our salespeople and consultants have extensive knowledge about the GSM industry, which, combined with their excellent customer services skills, has allowed us to gain trust and build long-term relationships with our customers. With our daily motto in mind: "ŚwiatGSM: Professionals in Phone Protection", we provide a feeling of security to our current and future customers.

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