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Fluff is a Polish brand that focuses on continuous growth. Since 2017, it hascaptured the hearts of customers not only in Poland but around the world.Starting with a collection of down clothing for children, Fluff has evolved intomuch more than your average outerwear brand. We take pride in offering a widerange of clothing and accessories, catering especially to adults, particularlywomen who value the harmonious blend of comfort, high quality, originality, andstyle in their outerwear wardrobe.

Our jackets are filled with the highest quality, hypoallergenic natural goosedown of Polish origin, distinguished by excellent thermo-insulating properties. Inaddition to stylish and incredibly warm jackets, perfect for the autumn-winterseason, we also create versatile, all-season products: modern blazers, sweaters,and vests with exceptional, original cuts. We consistently expand and develop ourcollection of Merino wool accessories and down-filled gloves.

The cohesive, minimalist style and colour palette of our products makethem complement each other wonderfully. They serve as the foundation forcreating outfits that are unforgettable.

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