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The bright and spacious Body Shop is the perfect setting for the hundreds of products offered by this respected brand. The specificity and value of The Body Shop is primarily based on the principles on which its production and operations are based. The company does not test products on animals, defends human rights, protects the planet and promotes fair trade. An obvious consequence of such a philosophy and ethics is the assortment based on natural ingredients. Products signed by this brand utilise components from all over the world, so they meet virtually all expectations and dreams. The assortment of the company is extremely extensive and diverse. The showroom in shopping center is an impressive space, filled to the brim with preparations for facial and hair care, natural make-up cosmetics, an attractive line of cosmetics for men. The Body Shop means care, relaxing bath, massage, care for the skin, healthy hair and a safe tan. It is also fragrances, aromatic oils, attractive sets and gift cards.

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Body Shop