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W. A. Mozart Conservatory, with a surface area of 2600 m2, in La Canopée in the Forum des Halles, offers a range of individual and group tuition in Music, Dance and Drama. It currently has a capacity for 1300 students.
Dance and drama are central to this new space: 3 dance studios, 1 drama studio. It has 27 music rooms including 2 large rooms with ceiling heights of 6 m for orchestras. The rooms have optimal acoustic comfort and can be used for different kinds of music practice (classical instruments, opera singing, lectures, jazz, improvisation, etc.).  

This 21st-century conservatory offers tuition in new practices: computer-assisted music, electroacoustic music, generative improvisation processes, etc. with access to the visual arts (film music, etc), the digital arts (real-time streaming over the Internet, composing video games music, etc.) and multidisciplinary work (inter-disciplinary courses with theatre, dance, music, visual arts, etc.).

The conservatory also provides courses in dance and theatre: classical and contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, classical and contemporary theatre, new playwriting and screenwriting techniques, soundpainting (bringing together theatre, music and dance with the sign language), theatre, etc.

The conservatory has the added mission of bringing together existing artistic practices and providing an environment where creative talent from all disciplines can meet. The Mozart conservatory, in partnership with the Ateliers des Beaux-Arts (National School of Fine Arts) in Paris offers a place where the different arts can come into contact.

Finally, the reform of the French school timetable has allowed the conservatory to reach out to pupils in the schools of the first 4 arrondissements of Paris and offer them choral workshops (16 choirs were created in September 2013) and also 6 dance workshops, 1 string orchestra, 1 brass band, 2 percussion workshops, 2 wind ensembles.

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