It is the little things that make the big difference - The bins are only allowed to be filled two-thirds, the restrooms are cleaned every half an hour and all the employees are trained in good customer service. This is only a few of the 684 quality criteria Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall is fulfilling and why the mall is certified as a four star shopping mall.


  1. Facilities at Fisketorvet
  2. Information at Fisketorvet
  3. Shops and restaurants
  4. Fisketorvet suppliers
  5. Marketing and information


1. Facilities at Fisketorvet – it has to be comfortable and easy

  • Parking lots are marked with green lights when they are available and with red lights when they are occupied. 
  • Play areas, nursing room, baby lounge with the possibility to heat up food and bottles. 
  • At the Information Desk you can get free bicycle covers and repair kits and use iPads. Free papers are available at all entrances.

2. Information at Fisketorvet 

  • The customer should fast and easily be able to orientate.
  • Clear information on errors and defects. If an elevator is out of service, information about when it will function again and where to find another elevator in service is available. 

3. Shops and restaurants

  • Courses for all tenants are making sure that service and customer contact is of a high quality in the mall.
  • The service level is tested and efforts are rewarded.

4. Fisketorvet suppliers

  • All employees at our service suppliers have committed to deliver four star service. 
  • Everybody should be able to help customers with questions about the mall facilities. 
  • Everyone attends an annual course in service and customer contact.

5. Marketing and information

  • Always updated information on the website, apps and social media. 
  • Loyalty customers should easily find advantages and offers through the app and all shops in the mall accepts our gift card.



The 684 quality criterions are developed on behalf of a survey among 20,000 customers. 
Only seven malls in Europe have the quality label. The quality of the mall is controlled annually through unannounced visits from external inspectors. 
An initiative that ensures a comfortable shopping experience, high quality, coherent service and unique experiences for the customers.