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waterdrop® was founded in Vienna in 2017 and has since pursued the mission of motivating everyone to drink more water and thus lead a healthier and more sustainable life. waterdrop® does not sell water at all, but microdrinks - the finest fruit and plant extracts, compressed in the form of a small cube. The practical, sugar-free cubes dissolve in water and turn it into a refreshing drink, enhanced with valuable vitamins and flavors, that you can enjoy anywhere and at any time. Suitable for every taste and lifestyle, waterdrop® offers a wide range of fruity flavors - from Microenergy for a natural caffeine kick to Microlyte with electrolytes for all sports enthusiasts. For an unforgettable drinking experience, you will find high-quality drinking bottles made of borosilicate glass or double-walled stainless steel at waterdrop®. Discover the entire waterdrop® world in our stores now and find your fruity favorite!

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