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Buying glasses should be fun. As Europe's leading omnichannel optician, Mister Spex is convinced with this idea. We strive to make the path to your perfect pair of glasses an equally simple and unique shopping experience with smart digital solutions. The goal of Mister Spex is to inspire and enable customers to find and wear the perfect pair of glasses with as much joy and confidence. Mister Spex conveys optical expertise with ease and also has a fashion-oriented eyewear range that is unique in Europe. It includes luxury and premium brands as well as the hippest independent labels and high-quality own brands. Customers can experience a selection of these unique pieces in the stores, while at the same time have access to the entire online range with more than 10,000 models from over 100 brands. The customers can also take advantage of all the important services such as free eye tests and glasses fittings that Mister Spex has to offer. Just like in the online shop, single-vision quality lenses for all prescription glasses are also included in the price in the Mister Spex stores.* Mister Spex only uses high-quality lenses from the world's leading manufacturers. After the lenses have been individually grounded for the selected glasses, they are assembled by trained opticians in our own workshop in Berlin.

* Single vision lenses (refractive index 1.5) incl. hard coating in the lens powers Sph. +6.0/-6.0 dpt, Cyl. +2.0/-2.0 dpt

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