Period products

Period products

No more panic if you are surprised by your period or have forgotten to pack something. You can get free pads and tampons at our reception desks if you need them, provided by dm drogerie markt.

As the first shopping center in Austria we believe in talking openly about the topic of “periods” and that no girl or woman should be ashamed to ask our reception staff for period products. However, if this still makes you a little uncomfortable, simply use the code word "Löwenzahn" (meaning dandelion) for tampons and “Gänseblümchen” (meaning daisy) for sanitary towels.

Our staff will hand you the desired in a neutral packaging. One packet with either two tampons or two sanitary pads, of the brand Jessa, each size normal, is handed out per person.


  • Reception 1: First Floor, next to Thalia and C&A
  • Reception 2: Ground Floor, next to the pharmacy Regenwald