New parking regulations since 1 October 2023

Parked in! In our 4 multi-storey car parks with a total of around 3,000 parking spaces, all Westfield Club members can park for three hours free of charge. Cineplexx visitors can have their parking ticket from multi-storey car park 4 (near The Kitchen) stamped at the cinema box office before the start of the film in order to park for six hours free of charge. For all those who are not yet Westfield Club members but would still like to park in our multi-storey car park, a fee of 2.50 euros per hour will be charged from 1 October 2023.

For the sake of the environment and the climate.

As of August 2022, we have expanded our commitment to environmental protection. Therefore, two multi-storey car parks (1 + 3) will no longer be illuminated 24 hours a day and will therefore naturally no longer be open and accessible throughout the day. More information on our environmental and social projects as well as sustainability can be found here.


  • Westfield Donau Zentrum Club members: 0-3 hours free of charge
  • Cinema visitors in multi-storey car park 4: 0-6 hours free of charge
  • Each additional hour started: € 2.50
  • Daily maximum per day: € 25.00All prices incl. 20 % VAT

Parking for people with disabilities:

Persons with disabilities can park free of charge at Westfield Donau Zentrum. They will receive an exit ticket on presentation of their disabled pass at reception.

3 hours free parking - How it works for Westfield Club members:

To use your free parking time as a Westfield Club member, you need your digital Westfield Donau Zentrum Club membership card (digital barcode). You will find this in the Westfield Donau Zentrum app after logging in.

This is how it works:

  • Download the Westfield Donau Zentrum app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Login to the Westfield Club area or register free of charge
  • Have your digital barcode ready and scan it when paying at the ticket machine

Repeated entry / change of car park, within the first hour after the last exit: each hour started: €2.50

In order to receive another free parking time per day, the repeated free entry is only possible after an absence of at least one hour after the last exit.

15 minutes after payment of the parking fee, the exit barrier must be passed (exit tolerance).

In case of ticket loss, a lump sum of €25 will be charged if the actual parking time cannot be determined.

Opening hours of the multi-storey car parks:

  • Car park 1: Mon. - Fri.: 6-21 h, Sat.: 6-20 h
  • Multi-storey car park 2: 24/7multi-storey
  • car park 3: Mon. - Fri.: 6-21 hrs, Sat.: 6-20 hrsMulti-storey
  • car park 4: 24/7

Access to the multi-storey car parks:

  • Multi-storey car park 1: Wintzingerodestraße 10 (access Mon. - Fri.: 6-21 hrs, Sat.: 6-19 hrs)
  • Car park 2: Dr. Adolf Schärf Platz 3 opposite the underground (access 24/7)
  • Car park 3: Donaustadtstraße, access via Meitnergasse (access Mon. - Fri.: 6-21 hrs, Sat.: 6-19 hrs)
  • Car park 4: Anton Sattler Gasse or Wagramer Straße 79 (access possible 24/7)

For more comfort await you:

  • Extra wide family parking spaces
  • Handicapped accessible parking spaces
  • XXL parking spaces
  • Charging stations for electric cars

Recharge your batteries! Bring your electric vehicle to the WESTFIELD DONAU ZENTRUM in an environmentally friendly way and charge it while you shop.

You will find the electric charging stations:

  • multi-storey car park 1, level P-1 (access Wintzingerodestraße)
  • multi-storey car park 4, level P-1 (access Anton-Sattler-Gasse or Wagramer Straße)
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