Horton Plaza is to be “a place where all public questions might be discussed with comfort, where public open-air concerts might be given, where the people might rest, and where children might play in safety.”   
                  — Alonzo Erastus Horton

In conjunction with the City of San Diego, Westfield has broken ground on a new world-class urban plaza. Horton Plaza Park will be rehabilitated to the regional treasure it once was. This project is the result of a unique partnership that will create a dynamic central gathering space with an interactive fountain, food pavilions and an amphitheater launching in 2015

The new Horton Plaza Park will be activated by 75 events in the first year increasing to over 200 events by year 4 that will celebrate our diverse cultural, spiritual and community traditions. Potential uses and activities for Horton Plaza Park include but are not limited to:

  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • Blood Drives
  • Movie Series
  • Health Fairs
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Fashion and Art Shows
  • Holiday Food-Toy Drives

Horton Plaza Park Milestones

Have a question about Horton Plaza Park? Email us at hortonplazapark@westfield.com.