Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts

ProEdge Sharpening at JoAnn's

from September 14 to November 16

Our goal is to provide every customer with professional quality sharpening.  We bring our knowledge, state of the art technology, and over 25 years of experience serving the Mid-Atlantic region.

We will restore your knife blades, scissors, and other items to their optimal use.  We are committed to our customer's satisfaction.

The ProEdge is:

Easy – A sharp edge makes your work easier and safer

Expert – Expert sharpening holds an edge longer

Economical – A great edge needs less sharpenin

Environmentally responsible – By sharpening, you're able to reuse your items


ProEdge is dedicated to setting a high standard for sustainable,environmentally friendly operations. We are constantly looking for ways to use resources wisely, and reduce our impact on the environment.   ProEdge strives to manage its own business with a balance of cost effective, sustainable practices and solutions.

Day Date Hours
Monday 16 Nov 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM