KID Museum’s Virtual Make it! DIY Summer Camp!

from July 21 to August 25

Looking for a FREE summer camp for the kids, while keeping them safe? Wheaton has collaborated with KID Museum to host and stream a 6-week virtual summer camp featuring Make it! DIY demos. This virtual camp features a new project every Tuesday including cutting-edge innovations that are hands on activities with materials found at home. Tune into Westfield Wheaton Facebook page every Tuesday at 11AM to join.  


Week 1 (July 21): Make it! DIY: Transportation

Need some car engineering inspiration? Maker Educator Ram from KID Museum is here to show you his wind-powered vehicle. #makeit

Link Available July 21

Week 2 (July 28): Make it! DIY: KID Arcade

Do you know what the best arcades have? Mini-golf! Time for one of KID Museum’s favorite projects: DIY Mini Golf. Join Maker Educator Cori as she makes her own putter and custom

mini-golf course. #makeit

Link Available July 28

Week 3: (August 4) Make it! DIY: KID Outdoors

Maker Educator Maya from KID Museum is back this week with some bubble science. Learn how to make your own bubble wand and solution. How big can you make your bubbles? #makeit

Link Available August 4

Week 4: (August 11) Make it DIY: Home Engineering

Catapults come in all shapes and sizes. From old fashioned trebuchets to tiny ones made from office supplies, they are versatile and fun. Check out how Ram from KID Museum made his own and then be sure to share what you made with #makeit.

Link Available August 11

Week 5: (August 18) Make it! DIY: Spy KIDs

Are your secrets safe? Discover how KID Museum Maker Educator Dya created her own secret compartments around her desk and keep your secrets hidden. #makeit

Link Available August 18

Week 6: (August 24) Make it! DIY: Around the World

Join KID Museum Maker Educator Warren as he constructs his own version of Mancala, a game originates from Ghana, as part of Make it! DIY: Around the World. If you make your own version, be sure to share it with #makeit

Link Available August 24

Day Date Hours
Tuesday 18 Aug 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tuesday 25 Aug 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM