La Pizza & La Pasta A Colori

from April 21 to December 31

Now Open -  La Pizza & La Pasta A Colori, our new collaboration with Color Factory at Eataly NYC Downtown. FEAST YOUR EYES and step into an explosion of color and a vibrant sensory experience at La Pizza & La Pasta A Colori. We've partnered to create an immersive experience at our staple Italian restaurant that brings together the world of food and color. Under a kaleidoscopic art installation, you will get to explore a menu of dishes filled with colorful touches from the rich golden hue of farm-fresh eggs to the emerald green of asparagus and beyond. Slow down, look up, and experience food and drink – and New York – in living color. Reservations are available now on OpenTable.

Day Date Hours
Friday 31 Dec 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM