Welcome to The Digital District at Westfield Valley Fair.

Discover and shop an exclusive collection of direct-to-consumer and emerging brands making their brick and mortar debut at newly expanded Westfield Valley Fair.

Experience the future of retail with bespoke events, premier amenities, and one-of-a-kind experiences. We have curated a selection of hand-picked brands to provide you with an experience like no other. This collection from around the globe will inspire and peak your interest as you find unique products from home decor, skin care, wellness and fashion.

Brik+Clik product assortment

Brik + Clik

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Brik + Clik connects the online and offline retail world. They design and build inviting retail spaces, curate emerging brands and operate a sustainable space. We are not a pop up but a permanent technology based solution for small businesses. Their Stores underscore the intersectionality of hospitality and brand discovery. Importantly, we provide inviting spaces for our customers and flexibility in their store experience. In essence,we are shaping the future of retail. Micro spaces, macro experiences.

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