Electrify America

Step 1: Plug

Electrify America stations offer CCSCHADeMO and J1772™ connectors, so almost every EV model on the road can charge with us. And our chargers automatically give you the fastest charge your car can handle.

Step 2: Pay

You can see pricing for your session on the charger screen—or in our app—before you begin your charging session.*
  • These prices may be subject to tax, if applicable for the location of a particular charger.
You get 2 ways to pay:

Step 3: Charge

Need to step away? The Electrify America app tracks your charging progress and can notify you when your vehicle's ready. If you don't have the app, you can get text messages from the charger.

Step 4: Go

Ready to roll! When you're fully charged, charging stops automatically. To make sure everyone gets a chance to charge, ten minutes after charging stops, we add an idle fee of $0.40 per minute to your session bill.
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