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Lunar Pig Parade

Lunar Pig Parade at Westfield Valley Fair

Day Date Time
Monday Feb 18

Inspired by Chicago’s famous “Cow’s on Parade” art project, Westfield Valley Fair will introduce six Lunar Pig statues throughout the center. Each statue will be uniquely designed and painted by a different artist from the Bay Area's Dragon School.

Artists will be live painting the Lunar Pig statues in-center on January 6th & 7th, with the art displayed in-center from February 6th - February 18th.

Visit our Lunar New Year page to meet the artists. 

The Dragon School is a 501(c)3 organization based in Downtown Oakland/Chinatown. They provide youth and the general public a unique place to experiment, collaborate and develop community ownership via artistic avenues. Dragon School's method re-imagines the neighborhood as a shared culture of art, where unity is strengthened through diversity. Click here to learn more about the Dragon School.

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