Salt & Straw

Berries, Berries, Berries

from July 2 to July 31

Berries, Berries, Berries 2021

As the hot, hazy days of summer arrive, a kaleidoscope of color bursts forth from the brambles: lustrous, brilliantly-hued berries waiting to be devoured. The West Coast is home to an abundance of the world’s best berries, hybrids and traditional alike. Salt & Straw turns berry expectations on their head and into mind-bending flavors by way of adding heat and tang and spice and roasting. Help Salt & Straw celebrate the return of berry season with these spectacular creations.

Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero

An edible tongue twister of sweet berries, funky goat cheese, and complex habanero heat that reveals itself slowly with a pleasant burn. Based on award-winning Portland Creamery’s Sweet Fire Chèvre, this long-awaited summer flavor weaves tangy goat cheese ice cream with a fruity, fiery jam starring Oregon-invented marionberries.

Contains Milk

Birthday Cakes and Blackberries

Your official vacation from adulthood. Textured hunks of rainbow-sprinkled birthday crumble, Oregon Hill evergreen blackberry jam, and double-vanilla ice cream reminiscent of kid birthday parties.

Contains Milk, Wheat, Soy

Wild Foraged Slab Pie

Close your eyes and imagine classic berry pie à la mode: Wild berries plucked from the alpine slopes of Mt. Baker in Washington, simmered into an ooey-gooey filling, then slathered across crispy bits of double-baked pie crust and strewn about a salted vanilla ice cream, Jackson Pollock-style. Now open your eyes — no, you’re not dreaming.

Contains Milk, Wheat, Eggs

Boysenberry Oat Milk Sherbet (v)

Boysenberries are spectacular when enjoyed fresh off the bramble, but Salt & Straw had to stop from downing too many. Instead, they filled their buckets to the brim with these hulking hybrids to turn their juicy intensity and sweet-tang punch, coupled with a touch of oat milk, into the eponymous sherbet of summer.

Besharam's Yogurt Lassi w/ Raspberries

A flavor unlike any other - and one that’s been years in the making. In Salt & Straw's first ever chef-commissioned flavor, they partnered with San Francisco’s Besharam Head Chef, Heena Patel. A graduate of food incubator La Cocina, Heena founded award-winning Besharam to share her family’s Gujuarati cuisine. In this lassi-inspired flavor, delicate rosewater and a hit of cardamom are balanced by ripples of raspberry jam infused with toasted whole cumin seeds. Spice-forward and unabashedly unbelievable. Made with Guest Chef, Besharam's Heena Patel

Contains Milk

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Saturday 31 Jul 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM