ALL Large Candles – 2 for $40
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ALL Large Candles – 2 for $40

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Deal Information1. ALL Large Candles – 2 for $40 (reg. $29.50-$30 ea.)2. WoodWick® Fragrance of the Month – 25% off ALL NEW Smoked Jasmine3. Yankee Candle® Elevation Collection with Platform Lid – 25% off ALL NEW Citrus Grove, Shore Breeze and Coastal Cypress (reg. $10-$25 ea.)4. FREE fragrance refill or charm with purchase of 4-piece Charming Scents Starter Set ($7 value)5. $8 Limited Edition Beachfront Candles (reg. $15-$16 ea.)

Summer Scent Event$1 Tarts® Wax Melts and Samplers® Votive Candles (reg. $2 ea.)$2 Car Jar® Air Fresheners (reg. $3 ea.)$3 Car Jar® Ultimates (reg. $6 ea.)$4 ScentPlug® Refills and Scenterpiece® Easy MeltCups (reg. $5-$7.50 ea.)$5 Small Classic Jar Candles (reg. $11 ea.)

Personalized CandlesPersonalize yours in store in minutes, just $5 more per candle. See store for details.