Relax and enjoy live music while listening to acoustic sets by local San Diego musicians every Thursday-Sunday from 12pm-2pm in Palm Plaza and every Friday & Saturday from 5pm-7pm at The Pointe.

Ben Benavente - 5/5 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Ben Benavente specializes in Hawaiian/Island style music from Fiji to Ka'au Crater Boys, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz. A softer reggae most would say. He creates entire songs on the fly by looping and recording live.

Weston Wilson - 5/6 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Hailing from a small town in central North Carolina, Weston Wilson starting playing piano at age 5 and picked up a guitar at 7. By 16 he’d added singing and songwriting to his repertoire and started landing gigs in local venues, discovering a love of live performance that partly inspired his move to L.A. in early 2015. He was a contestant on "The Voice" season 7 and continues to perform out in public.

Kristi Krause - 5/6 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Kristi Krause is a singer/songwriter and San Diego native. She is a former American Idol contestant and has had the opportunity to perform all over San Diego, Hawaii, and Nashville. Kristi brings a variety of genres (Pop, Country, Jazz, Soft Rock), songs which are fitting for any venue, and showcases strong vocals in her performances.

Sarah Rogo - 5/7 - Palm Plaza 11-1PM

Sarah Rogo is an authentic talent who's vocal aptitude is equally matched by her comfort on the guitar. Her song selections can cater to both mellow as well as upbeat environments.

Divina Jasso - 5/7 - Palm Plaza 1:15-3:15pm

Divina has spent her lifetime performing with many musicians of all genres. Ranging from latin jazz, soul, reggae & r&b she provides an eclectic style suitable for any occasion or venue. A typical set with Divina will sound like Erykah Badu, Sade, Bob Marley, D'Angelo & Amy Winehouse.

Freddie Walton - 5/8 - Palm Plaza 11-1pm

Freddie Walton is a San Diego native with a big personality. With his own twist on well known songs, you will be able to sing along and yet feel like you are hearing them for the first time.

Keni Yarbro - 5/8 - Palm Plaza 1:15-3:15pm

​Keni Yarbro, is a gifted vocalist, musician, songwriter from San Diego who has an exceptionally wide vocal range and style. He has the uncanny ability to sound like many of the artist he covers, while at the same time making each song his own.

Ben Benavente - 5/12 - Palm Plaza 12-2PM

Ben Benavente is a Hawaiian / Raggae style performer that brings the coast to the set.

Helena Holleran - 5/13 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Helena's song-bird soul melodies paired with rhythmic grooves always create a warm atmosphere with unique renditions of hit songs and original music. Her eclectic sound draws influence from a number of genres and styles. A typical set with Helena will sound like Allen Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Dusty Springfield, and Lauryn Hill.

Ben Grace - 5/13 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Ben Grace is a Australian singer-songwriter who impeccably crafts songs that hover in the space between lightness and the depths.

Tori Roze - 5/14 - Palm Plaza - 12-2pm

Enjoy Jazz and Pop tunes from this local San Diego talent.

Dalton Gazette - 5/14 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Dalton Gazette is a one man band from Temple, Tx that began his musical journey at the age of 8. Influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, and Jack Johnson, Dalton delivers a wide range of diversity with genres ranging from Rock (classic, soft, alternative, etc.), Blues, R&B, Reggae, & Jazz.

Blu Gruv - 5/15 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Blu Gruv, featuring Vernon Cheng play fingerstyle and chord-melody guitar, and deliver instrumental “groove” music that is expressive and rhythmic.

Ben Benavente - 5/19 - Palm Plaza 12-2PM

Ben Benavente is a Hawaiian / Raggae style performer that brings the coast to the set.

Christian Taylor - 5/20 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Christian Taylor is an authentic Soul and Blues singer with an original voice. His performances are memorable, always genuine, and seamlessly work with the environment he is in.

Sean McCole - 5/20 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Originally hailing from Chicago, Sean McCole is a multi-instrumentalist that caters to hooks and catchy melodies. Aside from his originals, you can hear him play tunes from his early influences spanning from the 60's all the way up to the nostalgic 90's and the likeable jams of today.

Davy Rockett - 5/21 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Davy Rockett took to music at a young age and he grew an interest to most every instrument available to him. His drive and ambition led him to California where he received a BM in music. He has begun work in the recording studio of major music publishing company.

Adam Bergoch - 5/21 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Adam is an singer/acoustic artist that uses looping and various other effect pedals to turn him into a one man band. With over 600 songs in his repertoire, he can take requests ranging from Jack Johnson to John Mayer, Classic Rock to even Rap.

The Heart - 5/22 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

The Heart is an uplifting and heart moving Acoustic Duo. Performing high energy Top 40, Classic to Modern Rock, Country, Reggae, Indie & Folk Music.

Ben Benavente - 5/26 - Palm Plaza 12-2PM

Ben Benavente is a Hawaiian / Raggae style performer that brings the coast to the set.

Olivia Rohde - 5/27 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Olivia Rohde a Southern California Native to the core. Now a traveling solo performer with a unique repertoire of songs, Olivia will have you singing along from hits of the 1950’s to the smash hits of today.

Zach Barnhorst - 5/27 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Though a native San Diegan, he spent a decade as a songwriter, producer and engineer in Los Angeles working with such Major Label acts as Black Eyed Peas, Unwritten Law, Tim McGraw and 311.

Orion Song - 5/28 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Orion Song is a singer/songwriter and percussionist from San Diego. Originally writing acoustically off of a baritone ukulele, he has dived into the old and new world of Hip Hop and R&B and all of its sub-genres including Trap, Lo-Fi, Jazz, and Soul. Not conforming to one genre, he draws inspiration from Justin Timberlake, Usher, Nujabes, Bryson Tiller, and Craig David.

Shay Skyler - 5/28 - The Pointe 5-7pm

Shay Skylar has a full sound with vocals, an acoustic guitar, and a harmony processor pedal. He performs both his own original music, and well-known covers from the 1960’s to current.

Tyler F. Simmons - 5/29 - Palm Plaza 12-2pm

Tyler F. Simmons is a seasoned full time performer, having held countless residencies at top Southern California Hotels, Private Clubs, and Outdoor Venues since 2016. His repertoire consists of hits from classic to current.