Park Assist

The Monroe Parking Structure introduces a digital navigation system that makes finding parking easier than ever before with green lights pointing the way to all available open spaces. The structure also introduces state-of-the-art LED lights that have photo sensors as well as motion sensors. Park Assist  allows those forgetting their parking spot to simply type their license plate number into nearby kiosks to immediately locate their vehicle. 

Signs upon arrival: Upon arrival, exterior signage displays the number of available spaces on each level in real time. View the live parking feed.

Directional interior in-aisle pointers: Guidance signs on the end of each aisle enable a parker to make on-the-spot decisions (left, right or straight) based on the number of available spaces.

Signaling color-coded LEDs on the smart-sensors: smart-sensors – which provide up-to-the-second occupancy data  – finish the wayfinding process by providing bright green LED indicators to indicate open spaces. Blue LED indicator lights indicate available handicapped spaces.

Park Finder™ car location kiosks: Through the Park Finder software extension, we even offer an exclusive Find Your Car™ feature to complete the parking guidance system loop. This enables returning parkers to find the exact location of their vehicles upon exit by simply typing in their license plate numbers. Park Finder kiosks.

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