Westfield Arts: Jeff Kopp
Westfield Arts: Jeff Kopp

Punctuation Station is a response to commercial signage and the monumental typographic forms that populate our urban landscape. Jeff Kopp's project, with its elemental shapes, highly finished surfaces and bold colors, bring to mind Minimalism, Pop Art, and the very building that houses it: the shopping center. Sophistication and playfulness are at the core of this artwork.

This artwork seeks to invert the language and visual devices of advertising as a means of engaging the community. In contrast to advertising signage meant to convey a specific message, these oversized punctuation marks invite exploration through physical interaction and activate a range of interesting spaces such as beneath the escalator or on top of the balcony.

By combining the forms of architecture, furniture, and sculpture, Punctuation Station offers a surreal and exuberant landscape for everyone to experience.

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