Tasty hydration, made simple. Enhance your water with the finest fruit and plant extracts, transforming it into a refreshing drink with vitamins and electrolytes. 0% sugar, 100% flavor. MICRODRINK. Perfect anywhere and any time, each Microdrink flavors your water with natural extracts and valuable vitamins, so you can stay hydrated & energized throughout the day. MICROLYTE. Hydrate, replenish and recover better during & after exercise with Microlyte. Rich in flavor, electrolytes and vitamins—without the sugar. MICROENERGY. Perfect for when you need an energy boost, Microenergy helps you stay hydrated with a unique blend of fruity flavor and an invigorating touch of natural caffeine. MICROTEA. With no tea bag and no brew time, Microtea makes it easy to hydrate with a refreshing infusion year-round, using the finest fruit and plant extracts.

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