Ramen Ochi
Ramen Ochi

Ochi Corporation was founded in 1965 and began as a small, family-run operation serving traditional and comfort Japanese food while also running a local bar for patrons to enjoy. As time progressed and the operation grew, Ochi Corp. looked for opportunities to expand and reach further markets. In 2010, Mr. Yuichi Ochi, the founder’s grandson, set forth to study other cuisine and food options, ultimately studying under ramen mentors where he learned his craft while managing 8 multiple locations. For nearly a decade, he has been honing his skills and perfecting his recipe. In 2016, Mr. Yuichi Ochi assumed leadership of Ochi Corp. and in 2019 opened his own ramen restaurant. He strongly believes that food brings happiness to people and hopes his passion for flavor, ingredients, and taste are conveyed into the dishes he presents to his patrons.

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