NYC Culture Club
NYC Culture Club

The NYC Culture Club is a project conceived by brothers Parker and Clayton Calvert and is an exhibition space offering opportunities for curators and artists to have exhibitions, free of charge. This is made possible via a partnership with Westfield World Trade Center., to support the project's goals of creating impactful programming that contributes to the renaissance of New York in a post-pandemic era. It is a space for artists, curators and the general public founded by artists.

Current Exhibit: 

Jambhekar/Cruz and NYC Culture Club present Really From”, a group exhibition of thirteen New York-based artists. Curated by Neha Jambhekar and Cristina Cruz.

It is a universal experience for a person of color, living in a country different from their ancestors, to be questioned about their "true” background. Having to repeatedly explain where one is really from can trigger a feeling of inadequacy or not belonging.

“Really From is a tongue in cheek response to those who struggle to comprehend the multi-dimensionality of a person living in the United States. The exhibition consists of thirteen phenomenal New-York based artists including Jaishri Abichandani, Aiza Ahmed, Angel Cotray, Katinka Huang, Misha Japanwala, Freddy Leiva, Melanie Luna, Visakh Menon, Anjuli Rathod, Max Benjamin Sarmiento, Aparna Sarkar, Pranav Sood, and Zeehan Wazed. Hailing from diverse backgrounds such as India, China, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic each of these artists challenges the pre-conceived notion of where they are from and showcases authentically and without limitations who they are.

Jambhekar/Cruz is a curatorial platform dedicated to showing the work of artists from underrepresented backgrounds helmed by Neha Jambhekar and Cristina Cruz. They each have over a decade of experience in New York City’s contemporary art world and are passionate about making art accessible to people from all walks of life.

The exhibition is on view through May 21st, Wednesday to Sunday, 12-7pm. 

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