Dream Aero
Dream Aero

Dream Aero invites you to “take to the skies” on our passenger airlines flight simulator. The flight simulator accurately reproduces every aspect of a real flight, with you behind the controls. The cockpit of our flight simulator is situated on a moving platform that fully replicates the physical dynamics of a flight in full detail. As you accelerate during takeoff you will experience every bump on the runway and you will feel the power of liftoff and the climb. The platform responds to every move the pilot makes and accurately portrays each and every in-flight condition (roll-offs, turbulence, etc.).The instructor will advise you on flight sequences as well as the logic behind piloting an aircraft. You will learn why you must warm up the engines, monitor your plane’s flaps, when you should switch on autopilot, and much more. By the end of your first session, you will have an understanding of what the crew of a passenger airliner does in various situations.

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