Illustrative plan of proposed Westfield Montgomery redevelopment.

A Place to Call Home

We are reimagining the Westfield Montgomery experience by creating a mid-rise multi-family and amenity-rich community with architecture that reflects the seasonal, wooded quality of the community, combined with a modern, urbane feel.  And all within easy walking distance from everything you enjoy.

A Place to Enjoy the Outdoors

New family areas and parks will create the ultimate destination for grandparents, parents and children featuring a wide range of activities for everyone. 

Open-air pedestrian promenades lined with shops and cafes will seamlessly connect various old and new areas of the mall.

Connected walkways will enable visitors and residents to stroll and enjoy the outdoors.

A Place that Fits Your Lifestyle

Our mixed-use town center will bring world-class entertainment, chef-driven restaurants, innovative retail experiences and amenity-rich destinations to our neighborhood, combining the best in living, shopping, dining, fitness and entertainment.

A Place Focused on Sustainability

With a wide variety of amenities within walking distance, Westfield Montgomery residents will be able to leave their cars at home. 

Green elements abound, from trees and landscaping to artistic elements that use greenery mixed with other media to create installations that change with the seasons.