Celebrate International Women's Day

08 March

Elevate Women, Empower Businesses.

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day at Westfield Fashion Square. Explore and support these incredible woman-owned businesses that embody strength, creativity, and passion:

  • Choupette: Discover fashion-forward styles that empower your unique expression.
  • My Little Shop: Uncover treasures and one-of-a-kind finds that bring joy to your world.
  • Crystal Palace by Simon: Elevate your sparkle with exquisite jewelry that shines as bright as you do.
  • Fabletics: Embrace fitness with stylish activewear that motivates and empowers.
  • Lia Pilates: Strengthen your body and mind with personalized Pilates sessions for a healthier you.
  • Kiwi Fitness: Level up your fitness game with high-quality gear and accessories.
  • My Dream Boutique: Step into a world of dreamy fashion where every piece tells a unique story.

Let's champion these incredible women! Your support goes beyond shopping—it's a statement of solidarity and empowerment. Join us this March at Westfield Fashion Square and let's celebrate the magic of women-owned businesses!

Friday08 Mar10:00 AM - 8:00 PM