Westfield Arts: David Trubridge

Open today
From 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Neptune's Necklace presents gentle spiraling forms that emanate from the floor and rise into the dramatic architectural volume above. This environment guides visitors around the lounge in a circular motion and into the works' inner sanctuary. The seating, made from American fire-killed Douglas fir, invites people to perch around its outer edges or move in toward the center.

Strips of polycarbonate and LED lights create the glowing circular light forms suspended overhead. The installation's natural material and biomorphic forms establish a strong connection with nature in the midst of Westfield Culver City's main thoroughfare.

Trubridge's selection of natural and high-tech materials reflect an abiding interest for combining natural beauty with sophistication, which is especially resonant in Southern California. He builds on a rich legacy of mid-century architects and designers who built truly innovative and inspiring work in the greater Los Angeles' metropolitan area.

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