Eclipso Centre
Eclipso Centre

The Eclipso centre, dedicated to immersive virtual reality expeditions, offers you two games to come and experience an unforgettable journey through time: Life Chronicles and Horizon of Khufu. 

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, you'll move freely for 45 minutes in a 1,000m2 space for a deeply moving experience that's both entertaining and educational. 

With Life Chronicles, embark on an immersive expedition 3.5 billion years into the past. 

Follow the major stages in the evolution of the planet and all living organisms, from their origins to the present day. From the bottom of the ocean to the tropical forests, travel through the paleo-landscapes of the great geological periods and meet spectacular animals. 

Exclusively at Eclipso 

A coproduction by Excurio and Muséum national d'Histoire naturelleWith Horizon of Khufu, discover the secrets of the Khufu pyramid. Discover spaces previously closed to the public. A shift into the territory of magic will take you 4500 years back in time to witness the funeral of King Khufu, offering you an emotional incursion into the heart of Egyptian culture. 

Exclusively at Eclipso 

A production by Excurio

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