With representation in 12 countries and 2 continents, we welcome employees from different parts of the world, from diverse cultures and backgrounds to build successful and inclusive teams.

Our Be You at URW commitment to diversity and inclusion is built on the premise that with us you can fully be yourself and be proud of who you are. We appreciate each employee’s uniqueness and work to provide an environment that ensures that everyone feels safe and supported enough to be the best of themselves.

Our commitment extends to providing best-in-class support for working families and ensuring all staff can enjoy a positive work-life balance. We are proud to have won Working Families Best Practice Awards in the Best for Mothers and Best for Fathers categories.

We work with more than 15 Diversity and Inclusion partners across the world to ensure we remain at the forefront of best practice including Stonewall and Real Estate Balance, as well as being signed up to the Race at Work Charter and EW Group Pledge.

"I have been with Westfield just over 10 years and within this period my wife and I have expanded our family and we have had 3 daughters. Being a parent to 3 small children and working a highly demanding role had its challenges and the business always supported me from the paternity leave to the odd day taking leave to look after a sick child.

"But the crucial support came in when I needed to support my wife at home with daily life. The business allowed me to adopt flexible working for a period of time shortly after our second daughter was born which allowed me to take the burden off my wife with school drop-offs and pick-ups. Mental health is so important and the business understood this and supported us through our journey which we are thankful for."
- Rashdul Zaman, URW employee

Supporting Our Staff