You truly can do anything at Westfield London, which is why we opened an NHS Blood Donor Centre in February 2021.

Donating blood has never been more important, and with capacity to see up to 170 people each day we are proud to be doing our bit to help the NHS and our community. Each donation you give could save up to 3 lives.

“I donated on opening day. It was exciting to have the opportunity on my doorstep and I was eager to find out more. The staff were exceptional and made it so easy – it took virtually no time at all. I am still donating at the Westfield Blood Bank” 

- Matt, local resident and regular donor

Get Involved

Book your appointment via the NHS Blood Donation website, or visit the centre next time you are at Westfield London to book your slot. If you are visiting Westfield London by car to donate, you can get one hour parking for free. Speak to reception for more information.

Up to 3 lives saved with every donation   Get Involved