Kennedy Center Art Exhibit - Roots: Reflections in Nature

Kennedy Center Art Exhibit - Roots: Reflections in Nature

Day Date Time
Friday Apr 20
Saturday Apr 21

Roots: Reflections in Nature features artwork by 12 Kennedy Center adult artists, with each artist’s work representing their individual experiences of the world around them.   Many of our programs have “roots” in the Trumbull community, so this exhibit is in some ways a reflection of the local environment and culture that we are a part of. From the roots of inspiration and creativity that each artist begins with, to the roots of the trees and the flowers seen in many of the works, the common theme is an interconnected web of life. The show features depictions of nature, both abstract and realistic, as well as two featured photographs. Their artwork blossoms with possibility and invites the viewer to experience their unique point of view.

The Kennedy Center is a private, not-for-profit, community-based rehabilitation organization that supports individuals with disabilities. The Kennedy Center promotes optimal participation and inclusion in the community by offering innovative, comprehensive services. One way that this is accomplished is through the expressive arts - by collaborating with local centers and organizations, the diverse talents of individuals with disabilities can be witnessed in an inclusive, creative space. 


Charles Best

Christina Bevans

Ryan Curl

Michael Donahue

Alice Dubois

Cloresa Francoeur

Ryan Gall

James Graves

Carolyn Kordish

Meghan McCormack

Michael Oprendek

Maria Santiago