Holy Roly is Now Open!
Holy Roly

Holy Roly is Now Open! at Westfield Santa Anita

Day Date Time
Friday Sep 21
Saturday Sep 22

Holy Roly is NOW OPEN in the Food Alley on Level 2 by Nordstrom! Enjoy organic and homemade ice cream rolled and made right in front of you eyes! 

About Holy Roly: Holy Roly Ice Cream is the boutique in Southern California for Organic & Made Fresh roll ice cream. Come and Enjoy our Thai-origin, LA style dessert serving fresh and made-to-order organic ice cream! The icecream itself is primarily of organic milk, cream, and sugar that is free of stabilizers, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Cookies, fresh fruit, tea, and coffee make up the flavor combinations. We’re here for people who just love ice cream.

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