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The cooler months are here, bringing rain and snow with them.   What better way to protect you and your classy wardrobe from the elements than a new sophisticated trench coat? At Westfield, you’ll find trench coats in an array of styles and colors sure to please anyone.

Trench coats never go out of style. They’re the perfect coat to wear with a pant suit or dress. Rain got you down? Lift your spirits with a bright colored double-breasted hooded trench coat. Add a fun umbrella, and you’ll boost your mood in no time.   And trench coats aren’t just for rainy days, throw on a lightweight single-breasted trench coat to stroll through the park in the crisp autumn sunshine.  

Hooded, belted, A-line or Chinz, you’ll be struttin’ the streets in style wearing your brand new trench coat.   From double-breasted to single-breasted, skirted military to lace yolk, Westfield has the trench coat for you.

Shop all the latest styles, all the best brands, all in one place. Westfield.