Starpro Turf G4100a Centipede Sw Synthetic Lawn Grass, Order Qty. Aeuroe1aeur Is 1aeur(tm)x15aeur(tm) Strip, Ex: Qty. Aeuroe5aeur = (1) 5aeur(tm)x15aeur(tm) Strip

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StarPro Lawn Centipede Southwest Synthetic Grass feels soft to the touch, is incredibly realistic and always looks freshly mowed. It is one of our best selling turfs and the BEST PET GRASS. The compet
itive price combined with good density and the two-tone blades that give it a lighter and very natural appearance in warmer climates, make it a favorite. BEST PET GRASS because it is thick enough to keep the pet well padded but pet odors can wash off or through and dissipate. Great for all lawn applications and saves your money every day because there is no mowing, weeding, fertilizing or watering, ever! (see our simple Online Installation Instructions). OVERVIEW: StarProTurfs are the most technologically advanced artificial grasses and are made by the worldaEUR(tm)s largest turf manufacturer in the USA. All of our lawn turfs have the softness and durability of our time tested polypropylene diamond yarn blades combined with a dense layer of kinked polypropylene monofilament. The monofilament forms a thick thatch layer that supports the blades and keeps them standing erect. Complete shade, harsh direct sun, water, no water, StarPro Turfs look like healthy freshly mowed grass 365 days a year, year after year. ORDERING: StarPro Turf orders are custom cut at our factory from 15 foot wide rolls and shipped directly to your home within 48 hours of receiving your order. Shipping usually takes from 1 to 7 days depending on the size of the roll and distance from our factory. Examples: Order Quantity aEURoe1aEUR = 15aEUR(tm) x 1aEUR(tm) = 15 sq. ft. You will receive (1) 15aEUR(tm)x1aEUR(tm) strip. Order quantity aEURoe20aEUR = 20aEUR(tm)x 15aEUR(tm) = 300 sq ft. You will receive (1) 20aEUR(tm)x15aEUR(tm) piece. Our turfs are priced by custom cutting from 15' wide rolls. A 1'x15' strip is $46.49 ($3.10 per square foot equivalent)