Cassini 1.25" Format 10mm Plapssl and 26mm Erfle Telescope Eyepiece Set, Black

$69.95 $66.67
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The Cassini 10mm PlAPssl PLUS 26mm Erfle Eyepiece Set is a hi-power (10mm) and wide angle (26mm) eyepiece combo that delivers excellent image quality. First, you get the Cassini 10mm PlAPssl Astroscop
ic eyepiece is a great addition for any 1.25 telescope. ItaEUR(tm)s great for observing planetary objects such as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, etc. PlAPssl eyepieces provide excellent image quality and good eye relief and are ideal for a variety of observational purposes including deep sky and planetary viewing. The Cassini 10mm PlAPssl Eyepiece is a 4 element fully color corrected PlAPssl eyepiece with an apparent field of view of 50Adeg. Also included is the The Cassini 26mm Erfle eyepiece for great quality wide angle viewing. The Cassini 26mm Erfle Eyepiece is a 5 element fully color corrected Erfle eyepiece with a very wide apparent field of view of 65Adeg that offers more eye relief than a PlAPssl and wide angle viewing. Color: BLACK.
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