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Drycase Waterproof Phone Case

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"Use your smartphone under water? You can (up to 100 feet deep) with the DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case. This flexible, crystal-clear reusable case allows full use of your device while protecting
it from water, sand, mud or pretty much anything else you can throw at it! Designed to create a watertight vacuum seal. Just slip your device inside the DryCASE and lock the clasps. Position it how youd like to use it in the case, then use the vacuum hand pump (included) to remove the desired amount of air. Remove all of the air so that the case is flush against your device screen for touchscreen access. Or leave in a slight amount of air to hear and/or talk on your device through the case. A built-in three-way headphone jack lets you use both stereo headphones and a microphone to listen to music or take calls. The official phone case of the great outdoors. Use the included neoprene armband to attach the case to your arm or other secure place. Its the perfect way to keep your phone with you while swimming, kayaking windsurfing and more. And because of its flexible shape and size (4.25""w x 7.5""l), the DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case can be used with almost any size phone, camera or MP3 player. Take your phone (and more) where its never gone before with the DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case from Brookstone."
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