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With so many options to choose from, buying a set of travel bags or luggage could be overwhelming. But with these quick tips and a trip to the stores at Westfield, finding the perfect bag is simple and easy.

First and foremost, look for a high-quality bag. There are few things that are worse than your bag breaking while in the middle of a trip. Look for handles that are sturdy, zippers that glide open and closed easily and if it’s a wheeled bag, wheels that are securely attached and roll easily across the pavement.

Next, consider what type of traveler or you? Are you a light-packer and like to put everything in the overhead compartment? If so, look for a travel bag that is both lightweight and roomy. And don’t forget to bring your measuring tape to ensure your new bag will fit within the airline guidelines for carry-on luggage size. If you like to bring your entire wardrobe on each and every trip, look for a suitcase that is both lightweight and sturdy, you don’t want your bag to add extra pounds. Consider buying a large bag with four wheels to make it easier to get to/from your destination. If using your new large luggage for airline travel, don’t forget weight restrictions do apply – so you may want to keep that one extra pair of shoes at home.

Finally, when considering a new piece of travel luggage, consider how you’ll use the bag. Are you a type of person that likes lots of compartments? Do you like hard or soft-sided luggage? Do you like to easily spot your own luggage from a sea of black bags on the conveyor belt? And are you a gadget geek needing to charge your phone via your suitcase?

With luggage and travel bags available shape, size, brand, style, and color – you’re sure to find the perfect one at the stores at Westfield.

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